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Principles of Vedic Astrology







The Antiquity: The fact that Hindu Astrology is as ancient as the Vedas is a reality which is difficult to disprove.  We know of the three Veda’s (Rig Ved, Saam Ved and Yajur Ved) provided to us at the beginning of the KaliYuga y the illustrious sage Ved Vyas, and we also know of the Atharva Veda provided to us 3,500 years ago by Atharva Muni.  The 165 shlokas (verses related to Jyotish Shastra in the Atharva Veda.  We must not, however, forget that Hindu Astrology is as old as creation itself.


Movement of the planets through the Zodiac have an influence on all entities, whether they be Human, Animal, Plant of Mineral.  This has been so since the beginning of time and shall remain till the end of time.  The true knowledge of Astrology, therefore, can only extend from the creator Lord Brahma himself; working under the instructions of the supreme energy created the Universe and our solar system.


Lord Brahma gave the knowledge of Astrology to his son Narda Muni, who always recites the name of the lord (Narayan, Narayan).  Sage Narada imparted this great knowledge to Rishi Saunaka who in turn directed this science to Maharishi Prasasa (the father of Ved Vyas).  We know that Prasara lived during the time of Maha Bharta, just before the beginning of the Kaliyuga.


In the olden days the power of mind was so incredible that the written word was not necessary to understand and remember.  It was not until when oe of the Prasara’s pupils (Sage Maitreya) approached Prasara to lean the intricacies of Astrology for the welfare of all, that Prasara egan to impart this great knowledge which Maitreya must have had difficulty remembering.  The dawning of the Kaliyuga and the effects of Maya had already started to weaken the mind, prompting Prasara to direct his disciple to put this great knowledge in written form, thus giving birth to Jyotish Shastra as we know it today.


The Understanding: The science of Astrology without doubt is exact and perfect.  However, without the blessing of the supreme energy, lord Ganesha, mother Saraswati and the trinity it is impossible for anyone to completely master this spiritual science.  I say this with confidence as there are tens of thousands of combinations that one must learn, of which, sometimes even one is difficult to understand.  However, this does not mean that you cannot have a good understanding of Astrology, as for sure, a student who is truthful, sincere and God fearing can make an earnest attempt to learn and come to a reasonable understanding of what this wonderful science has to offer.


Note the words ‘truthful, sincere and God fearing’ as one of the very first shlokas of Prasara’s Jyotish Hora Shastra strictly states that “Only good will follow the teaching of this science to students who are peacefully disposed, who honor the preceptors, who speak the truth and are God fearing.  Woeful for ever doubtlessly will I be to impart knowledge of this science to an unwilling student, a heterodox and a crafty person”. For Prasara knew that should a crafty person gain even the slightest of this incredible knowledge he will use it for his own selfish needs at the cost of innocent people in need of help and guidance. 


The Application: Hindu Astrology can be applied to any person no matter what cast, color or creed.  The most important thing to remember here is that it is imperative for one seeking astrological advice to furnish the Astrologer with their correct birth details i.e. date, place and time.  Without this information an accurate birth chart cannot be prepared and the predictions will not hold true.  Can you imagine looking for Yonge Street on a New York map when the street is in Toronto, you will never find it.


Accurate both details enable a proficient Astrologer to calculate and plot a proper map of the heavens which can then be used to make accurate and timely predictions.  It can take the good part of a day for a professional Astrologer to calculate an accurate birth chart manually, or alternatively, just a few minutes if a computer is used.  It has been found that computerized charts show a greater degree of accuracy as charts can be calculated to within one second of accuracy and mathematical error is virtually eliminated.


Many a times it is found that some people are aware of their birth date and place but there is no record of their birth time.  Calculating ones time of birth is a very tedious and time consuming task for any Astrologer no matter how qualified he may be and even if he does come to a conclusion one can never be certain.  The only alternative left for such people is a reading from a Moon Rasi chart, this type of reading gives very limited information and the predictions cannot be completely relied upon.


Another branch of Astrology called the Prashna Jyotish is practiced by most Astrologers and is used for people whose birth details are not available.  Prashna Jyotish or Questionnaire chart is prepared at the time a question is prompted and the results then analyzed.  Although, this type of Jyotish can be quite accurate but the lack of simple literature, proper teachers and the many complexities involved, the results can only be relied upon to a limited extent.


There are many other ways people try to unlock the mysteries of the future.  Some may use Numerology or Palmistry whilst others may rely on their psychic abilities.  Of all the methods used, Astrology has gained the most respect because of its fundamental scientific base. 


The Result: Once an accurate natal chart (Janam Kundali) is prepared a Professional Astrologer can decipher almost anything from it.  You can find out about your health, nature, wealth, communication skills, assets, education, romance, service, marriage, longevity, luck, career, profits, losses etc.  Your birth chart can also reveal details about your parents, spouse, children, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, etc.  Your astrologer will be able to advise you as to where your strengths are and where weaknesses lie.  Exactly when you are likely to see success and when failures are possible.


Remember no chart is perfect, there are always ups and downs in life, even Lord Rama had to face 14 years of exile due to the influence of negative planets.  Some person may be destined to enjoy abundance of wealth with little or not happiness in marriage, whilst another may have the perfect life partner but little wealth.  


It is the Astrologers job to see where success lies and where disappointments are possible, it is also his duty to advise his clients as to the possible solution to their problems or how to strengthen the inherent weaknesses that may be present in their birth chart.


The Solution: Now the million dollar question, what is the upaya (solution) to the problem or the weakness.  Note the words ‘million dollar’ as many people waste hundreds if not thousands of dollars in seeking possible solutions.


For sure there are many upayas advised I n the scriptures, they range from Puja to recitations of mantras, donations, gem stones etc.  The question here is not which upaya but which is most suitable for the individual.  The key thing to remember here is that a solution is not always feasible, as sometimes Karmas just may not permit certain types of remedies.  For example, the body comprises of the five elements ie. Fire, Air, Earth, Water and Ether of these the first four elements are manifest in the nature of the planets as well as the rasis (Zodiac signs).


Hypothetically speaking, lets say that the element of fire rules ones wealth and water the health.  Now the fire element is weak it can be strengthened by wearing a fiery gem stone like Red Coral to enhance wealth, but before this gem can be worn, it is imperative to see how strong is the water element, as fire and water don’t blend and for sure the wearing of this gem is likely to effect ones health.  On the other hand if health was ruled by Air then strengthening fire will not have a negative effect on health as fire and air blend well together.


It is very important to note that all Pujas or recitation of mantras should be done by the individuals themselves or by a qualified priest in the presence of the individual.  Never pay for a Puja that is done far away from you or in your absence, as the results will be negligible.  There are simple mantras available for each planet, try to obtain these mantras and recite them yourself.  There is no point in you having a headache and someone else taking the Aspirin. 


Gem stones, Mantra recitations and donations are all effective as they involve sacrifice of either time or money, however only if it is done by or worn properly by the individuals themselves.  Every sacrifice results in a return, you may have a seed in your pocket for many years where it will remain, but the day you sacrifice it, and plant it, the returns will be abundant.


An important note about gemstones:  All gemstones that are worn should be of good luster and clarity for them to be effective.  Many people are seen to wear dull stones with inclusions and then they complain about the lack of the gems effectiveness.  Most people are not knowledgeable about gem stones and can be taken advantage of y people who may sell cheap inexpensive stones for large amounts of money.  Remember to always ask for a receipt or even better take the stone to an independent Gemologist for appraisal before you purchase it.  It is better to pay the tax or a small appraisal fee then to regret afterwards.  Gem stones should be of VS or VVS grade and the price you pay should be about half the appraised price.



Raj Sharma



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