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Black Magic



Many times people complain of Jadoo Tona (Black magic).  Such a thing is very scarce as your body is protected by an Etheric energy the vibrations of which are much higher than the vibrations of Jadoo Tona.  The only way such a thing can affect someone is when ones own vibrations are low and the person is involved in similar activities.  Enhance and strengthen your Aura (Etheric body or Sookshama Shreer) by praying on a regular basis and by thinking good of others.  Don’t forget to light a Jyot (Diya of Lamp) with Ghee (clarified butter) as in the Bhagavat Gita (Chapter 9, Shloka 16) Lord Krishna says, he is Ghee.  Therefore, when you light your Jyot with Ghee the energy and fragrance that emanates from it, helps purify your aura as well as your surroundings.


Many people come to Astrologers for miracles such as the winning numbers of Lotto 6/49, or they might like someone and they want that peson to be attracted to them.  Such people are willing to pay all kinds of money, but they don’t understand that if an Astrologer was capable of such a task then he himself should be married to a Princess like person or be a Millionaire.  If such an Astrologer existed then he would not need to charge anyone money for these types of miracles.


Advice and Conclusion: For all you curious futuristics looking to see what the future holds for you, the advice is to first check out the credibility of the fortune teller and ask friends and relatives for referrals.  Remember, if an Astrologer is proficient and accurate then he probably gets most of his business through referrals.


Once you have located your Astrologer remember never to give him any clues other than your birth details.  Let him read for you first about the various aspects of your life mentioned earlier regarding your nature, wealth, career etc.  It can take the good part of an hour for a professional Astrologer to provide a basic reading, and he can spend days if not weeks analyzing a single chart.  If you feel the reading is accurate then discuss your problem, if any, and possible solutions.


Astrology is an amazing science which can reveal a lot about an individuals future.  It can also help strengthen various areas of ones life as well as provide possible solutions to problems, but is only as good as the person practicing it.


Raj Sharma



This article is written by a prominent Toronto Astrologer and is not intended to solicit business but to create a public awareness.  Additional free copies of the article may be obtained by emailing 




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