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Astrologer Raj Sharma was born in India grew up and educated in England (U.K.). Since childhood Mr. Sharma has been drawn towards the miraculous science of Para psychological phenomena. It was during his mid teens when he first purchased a book on the subject of Astrology, numerology and other forms of ways to decipher what the future may hold. Mr. Sharma has been extremely fortunate to have come into contact with highly learned and spiritually inclined people whom have had a great impact in molding his life.


People who are successful in life, find fame, good fortune, abundant wealth and luxuries are the ones with good combinations and powerful Raj Yogas in their Birth Charts. An Experienced Professional Astrologer is the one who is capable of deciphering these complicated combinations and planetary Yogas that are responsible for giving success to such people. Unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough to be born with such remarkable combinations, therefore, astrology teaches us how to help such persons by recognizing the planets that bring about these Yogas and how to bring these positive energies into their lives. This helps such people obtain future success and prosperity.

Of all the methods available to understand a human beings incarnation and how ones life unfolds due to karmic deeds, Mr. Sharma found Vedic astrology to be an exact science which can help diagnose strengths and weaknesses of an individual as well as what the future is likely hold for them.

Mr. Sharma established his Vedic Astrology practice in Toronto, Canada in 1988 and has been practicing professionally for over two decades. For the past 28 years thousands of people from around the world have sought Mr. Sharma’s expert advice and help.

Popularity of Mr. Sharma has grown through word of mouth referrals as well as exposure received through local media and Television where he has held many discussions on Vedic Astrology. Mr. Sharma’s article on the basic principles of Vedic Astrology has been published in magazines as well as a popular North American Sidereal Ephemeris.

For many years Mr. Sharma appeared live on a local, award winning,radio station in Toronto when he read live for the benefit of the listeners.

For people who are serious in finding out what the future holds for them and how this great science of Vedic Astrology can help, they are able to arrange for one-on-one confidential consultation with Mr. Sharma at his office in Toronto.

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