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The In Depth Personalized Consultation focuses on all the various aspects of your life such as Health, Well Being, Wealth, Cash Flow, Achievements, Building of Assets, Romance, Relationships, Children, Partnership, Marriage, Luck, Fortune, Career Success, Income, Savings, Enjoyment and Pleasures.

People who are successful in life, find fame, good fortune, abundant wealth and luxuries are the ones with good combinations and powerful Raj Yogas in their Birth Charts. An Experienced Professional Astrologer is the one who is capable of deciphering these complicated combinations and planetary Yogas that are responsible for giving success to such people. Unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough to be born with such remarkable combinations, therefore, astrology teaches us how to help such persons by recognizing the planets that bring about these Yogas and how to bring these positive energies into their lives. This helps such people obtain future success and prosperity.

          Your personalized and indepth reading will reveal whether these Yogas are present in your birth chart, if not then how to help bring about these combinations into your life.
Your Chart will reveal strengths and weaknesses in your life and what the future holds for you. Your indepth reading entails a complete understanding of your life with past, present and future predictions together with professional advice and remedies that actually work.

Experienced Vedic Astrologer Raj Sharma will apply his 22 years of astrological expertise with proven remedies when he analyzes your birth chart. This complete reading is available at an affordable price of only $175. 

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A Personalized computerized booklet specific to you based on your Date, Time and Place of Birth. Booklet contains full calculation of your Janam Kundli (Birth Chart), step by step detailed analysis of the various aspects of your life such as health, wealth, relationships, marriage, career etc. Yearly predictions, together with Lucky Numbers, beneficial Gem Stones, consideration of Manglik Dosh and the effect of Mars in your birth chart. The reading also provides
periods of Sard Satti, its effects and remedies.


Receive full calculations of your marriage compatibility, which takes into consideration effects and neutralization of Manglik Dosh together with detailed analysis of the total number of Gunas (Compatibility Points).

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