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Taking the fear out of "MANGLIK DOSH"



Astrology plays an integral role in the lives of most people, especially people of Indian origin.  Soon after the birth of a child, the first important responsibility of the parents is to have a “Birth Chart” (Janam Kundali) prepared.  The reasons for this is to see if the child is born under the influence of any negative “Mool constellations” (Nakshatras) and then of course for the purpose of Namkaran (naming the child).


Once the first two responsibilities are completed, most parents will of course be curious to find out what the future has in store for their child.  A proficient astrologer, through an accurately prepared birth chart, can decipher a whole range of information i.e. health, wealth, achievements, career, relationships, marriage, children etc.


It is often seen when people hear the presence of Manglik Dosh in a chart, their hearts sink and fear overcomes them.  Not surprisingly, as it is generally understood that Manglik Dosh leads to delays in marriage, arguments, abuse, separation, divorce, accidents and even death of the partner.


Unfortunately it has been seen that this Dosh (affliction) is largely misunderstood.  In order for the Dosh to inflict the above mentioned harm it has to be very severe; and a severe Dosh is only rarely found in  people’s birth charts. 


Let’s try to understand this “Manglik Dosh”, the affliction of which comes from the planet Mars.  An astrological birth chart is divided into 12 equal divisions from Lagan (ascending sign) and then again divided from Rashi (Moon sign).  If Mars occupies 5 specific divisions in these charts, the person concerned falls under the affliction of Manglik Dosh.  This means more than 50% of people born would have this affliction; now surely more than 50% of all marriages are not disastrous or lead to failure.


It is very important to understand tht there are many combinations ascribed in Jyotish Texts that automatically lead to the cancellation of Manglik Dosh.  As a result most people, considered to be Manglik, are not Manglik at all, as their Dosh would have been canceled by one of the combinations ascribed.


Now I must say here, if the Dosh is present and does not become nullified then it would be wise to find a partner who suffers from the same affliction.  Like in mathematics two negatives make a positive; and just as the saying goes a thorn is best taken out by a needle.


Manglik Dosh can also have some positive traits, as Mars is an energetic, war like planet.  If both partners are Manglik it will make them both aggressive.  These people will soon discover, that if one partner argues and fights the other will fight back; and as a result you find these people channeling their energy constructively into more rewarding areas like career and success.


Knowledge of Vedic Astrology was provided by our great Rishi’s for the benefit of mankind and to help people lead more peaceful and happier lives.  Let not the fear of Manglik Dosh alarm you; find out if you are truly Manglik, if so, find a suitable partner with the same Dosh and lead a successful, prosperous life.



Raj Sharma



This article is written by a prominent Toronto Astrologer and is not intended to solicit business but to create a public awareness.  Additional free copies of the article may be obtained by emailing 





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