Taurus  ( Vrishab )

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Key Traits: Quick mental abilities, excellent communication skills, changeable nature, indecisive, creative mind, appearance is important, lacking focus, makes and breaks friends easily, rarely responsible, excellent computer skills.


Recognizing and understanding a Gemini:


Usually slim, tall, long arms, oval face, curly hair, quick metabolism, full of energy to the point of hyper tendencies. Because of their nervous tendencies Geminies are seen to take to smoking to calm their nerves but this is not recommended.

 Geminies like literary pursuits, thus enjoy reading and writing, however due to the lack of concentration, long books are not their cup of tea. Variety and change is their spice of life. They are good, efficient and fast workers; therefore, they don’t like lazy people.

 The nature of the sign is Air and dual, this makes Gemini people intelligent thus able to grasp and understand things quickly at the same time are unable to make decisions. When it comes to choosing a partner these people find it extremely difficult to make a choice if a choice is available. The married life can only be happy if their partner is energetic, who loves variety and change.


Symbol: Twins

 Ruling Planet: Mercury

 Element: Air

 Best Colors: Green, White and blue

 Best Days: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

Famous Personalities : Queen Elizabeth, Adolf Hitler, Gary Cooper, Satyajit Ray, William Shakespeare, Stephen A. Douglas

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