Leo ( Simha )

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Key Traits : Courageous, bold, loyal, leader, generous, commanding, independent, great boss, ambitious, powerful, loves praise, great at giving orders but not receiving, love to boast and show off.

Recognizing and Understanding a Leo: 

Fifth sign of the Zodiac, element is fire and the nature fixed. People born under the Vedic sign of Leo are of average height, well developed bones, broad forehead, fair complexion; most are recognized by honey colored eyes but not always the case. These people have a commanding personality; they are dignified, stand out in a gathering. Large hearted and generous, you can sense there authoritative aura. Born to be leaders thus are found in higher management positions, in own business or are linked to government related careers.

 When Leo natives have wealth it oozes out in the form of luxury; they are likely show it off in the form top class vehicles, expensive jewelry and luxurious residences. Caution is advised, as they are susceptible to risk taking, gambling and alcohol abuse, but this, however, is dependent on certain weaknesses that may be present in various individual birth charts. Remember the nature is fixed thus the habits are not easy to give up.


Symbol:: Lion

Ruling Planet:  Sun

Element: Fire

Best Colors:  Orange Red,Yellow and Orange/Red

Best Days:  Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday

Famous Personalities : Walter Scott, Napoleon Bonaparte, Eddie Fisher, Princess Margaret Rose, Naseerudin Shah, Manisha Koirala, Sanjay Dutt.

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