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An Important Note About Gemstones

  All gemstones that are worn should be of good luster and clarity for them to be effective.  Many people are seen to wear dull stones with inclusions and then they complain about the lack of the gems effectiveness.  Most people are not knowledgeable about gem stones and can be taken advantage of  people who may sell cheap inexpensive stones for large amounts of money.  Remember to always ask for a receipt or even better take the stone to an independent Gemologist for appraisal before you purchase it.  It is better to pay the tax or a small appraisal fee then to regret afterwards.  Gem stones should be of VS or VVS grade and the price you pay should be about half the appraised price.

Raj Sharma


This article is written by a prominent Toronto Astrologer and is not intended to solicit business but to create a public awareness.  Additional free copies of the article may be obtained by emailing 


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